New FSJ owner, 1977 Jeep J20

Show off your FSJ photos and videos!
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New FSJ owner, 1977 Jeep J20

Post by J7M46sn » Wed Dec 01, 2021 7:23 am

I'm a new to me 1977 Jeep J20 owner, factory 360 2v, T18, D44, D60 truck in excellent condition (for its age, lol). Frame and sheet metal are in excellent shape, mechanically seems good (but truck is missing some parts, so this might change). Anything made of rubber or plastic, and wiring, is pretty dry and brittle. Right now, I'd just like to find the missing parts, assemble the truck, see how well it runs/functions, and then figure out exactly what I want to do with it in the future.

I'm not new to mechanical work or Jeeps in general. I've had several flat fenders, my last one was a '54 CJ3B (which I still regret selling). I have two Willys trucks, '54 (project) and '56 (driver), and daily drive a '93 YJ and 2006 Unlimited Rubicon.

I love this J20, and am excited to get it back on the road!


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Re: New FSJ owner, 1977 Jeep J20

Post by Stuka » Wed Dec 01, 2021 8:24 am

Welcome to the forum!

Would love to see some photos of it.
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Re: New FSJ owner, 1977 Jeep J20

Post by J7M46sn » Wed Dec 01, 2021 8:49 am

Pictures I have are too big to post, need to take a few smaller ones!

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Re: New FSJ owner, 1977 Jeep J20

Post by Yeller » Wed Dec 01, 2021 5:19 pm


If your using a phone I’ve found emailing them to myself resizes them enough to upload. Or you can use taptalk app, it resizes automatically when uploading. Personally I hate it, reminds me of book of faces, so I just use the email trick
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Re: New FSJ owner, 1977 Jeep J20

Post by tgreese » Wed Dec 29, 2021 10:52 am

If you have a desktop or laptop you can send your pictures to, there are plenty of free resizing applications available. I use PIXresizer; simple, free, works good.

Manual transmission Jeep trucks from this era have few shortcomings, but some idiosyncrasies. These vehicles were originally designed for Kaiser's 230 OHC six, and the engine compartment does not fit a V8 very well. The V8s are as far forward as the sixes, and Jeep used transmissions with a long input shaft and a ca 5" long adapter to move the shifter back to the position it would have with the longer six. Look under your truck -

There is a TSM for 1977 here - free to read and download. Best reference for your truck.
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