Heat Soak

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Re: Heat Soak

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the least damaging way, lift up the hood a tad

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and yes facing rearward is the way, there is a low pressure in front of the windshield that will suck out more air from under the hood

this is also why the fan shroud has no lower shroud, to use that low pressure under the engine to suck more heat from the radiator
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Re: Heat Soak

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Perfect logic, so will point louvers to the widshield. Also going to go back to mechanical fuel pump, which should give better cooling of fuel line, but keeping the electric in line for initial purge after sitting for some time. Might not be needed once I get 4 bbl setup done with mechanical pump, but its there if needed.

Spacing the hood up just a tic would have same results, or better, than louvers.
Thanks for feedback :)
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Re: Heat Soak

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JWestfall wrote: Thu Feb 08, 2024 10:05 am That's what I have. I just didn't call it the right thing.
What I see in the picture is not DEI or any other company, proper fuel line insulating wrap. Its foam.
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Re: Heat Soak

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Not my picture. I haven’t posted any pictures of my engine. I ran the fuel pump for a few seconds and pumped the gas once after it sat hot the other day just in case it was fuel starved instead of flooded. Didn’t help. It’s definitely flooding from the heat soak.
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