Forum Update 2/4/2023

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Forum Update 2/4/2023

Post by Stuka »

Hey All!

A bunch of upgrades were put in place today, including:
  • Upgraded to latest and greatest version of PHPBB
  • Upgraded all extensions in use
  • Added new site theme
I am sure the first thing you all notice is the new forum theme!

PS: The old theme (SE Square Left) is still available to select in your forum settings control panel.

So, here are a few pointers.

By default, the site should use your OS settings for Dark/Light modes. But if you want to change it yourself, simply click the light bulb button as shown below (NOTE: If its currently in LIGHT mode, it will be a moon icon):
Everybody is also able to change the site colors.
- The first selector allows you to change the color of the main blocks and buttons
- The second is for the hover state of links and input tags
- The third for the hover state of buttons.
Also, site ads are enabled again.
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