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How to Post Images

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As this question gets asked somewhat often, I have decided to create this post to help people out.

There are three main ways to post images.

1: Add Images as an Attachment

Using this method, all images are uploaded to the forum, and displayed in the users post. This option is not available for quick posts. It is only available when creating a new thread, or when 'Full Editor' is chosen when replying. Once in the full editor, an attachments tab can be seen below the text box. Clicking on this will show an 'Add Files' button.

The main limitation to this method is the size of the image. Many cell phones and current day cameras take very high quality photos, but they are also very large. Often upwards of 10MB per image. Due to this, I have a limit on the size of the files uploaded. This limit is currently 768KB per image. If your images are too large, using one of the photo editing programs that come with your Mac/PC to shrink them to 1024x768 will be sufficient to decrease their file size. If using a phone, there are many free apps that can accomplish this same task.

2: Tapatalk

This method is the easiest method to post images from your phone. Tapatalk is a free App for iOS and Android that allows users to connect to popular forums without using a browser. It also allows the posting of images very easily. The software will automatically shrink the images down for you. The downside is that they are hosted on Tapatalk's servers, and not here on the forum. So any anything ever happens to tapatalk, the images will go away.

When posting, simply hit the button that looks like a tiny picture with two mountains on it to attach an image.

3: External Image Host

This was the original way to post images on forums back in the day. Currently there are two, free sites that allows having images posted to forums. These include Imgur, and Flickr. Both of these allow uploading photos of any size, and they provide an easy method of sharing photos that includes the required BB code to make them display on the forum.

Be sure to choose BBCode, and set the image size to 'Large' for display.
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