Wickahoney Exploring - October 7th

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Wickahoney Exploring - October 7th

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Hey there

I am planning a trip to Wickahoney, Idaho on October 7th of this year. There are some ruins of an old Stage Stop that are there. In the area, “close by”, are petroglyphs and an F4 Phantom crash site. I am excited to see either or maybe both. I have been to the ruins before but not the crash site or the petroglyphs. I have some GPS coordinates for both and a good map of the area.

As it will be early October in the Owyhee Mountains, and the crash site is at close to 6000 feet, we can expect warm weather, cold weather, rain, snow, sleet, fog, hurricanes, monsoons, locusts, and all other weather patterns of biblical proportion. (Ok, maybe the hurricanes, monsoons and locusts are a stretch). If the weather is warm, you can count on rattlesnakes in the area. I got snowed on in September in the Owyhees last year.

For a meet up, I was thinking the Grandview Gas Station in Grandview, Idaho. The Farmer's Almanac tells me that on Oct. 7 this year the sun will rise at 8am, so let's make our meet time at 7:30am. Yeah, Bruneau is closer to Highway 51, where we will turn south towards the Nevada border, but Grandview has non-ethanol, for those of us with older rigs. And better gas station coffee.

I have been told, and read, that going to the crash site, it is more than advisable to have a high clearance 4x4 or ATV. I do not have a winch on my Jeep yet, but I have tow straps, a tow chain, tools, can of oil, can of ATF and some spare parts “just in case”. It's the Owyhees. They try to kill me every time I go in there.

If you would like to go, or have any pointers, let me know!
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