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Re: Rant

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I don't think it's entirely fair to say that about the drivetrain swaps. I mean I want to go EV eventually, tho the transmission back will all still probably be Jeep stuff, just with a different power source.

My biggest issue with the LS swaps is that people finally go to all the trouble to put in a "decent" engine, with multiport fuel injection and everything, yet they still chose a pushrod V8, based on a SBC. Like, at least do a SOHC or DOHC if you're gonna swap it. That's just my opinion there, I totally understand keeping it stock if it works fine, frankly that's the right answer (assuming you stick with combustion) both from an environmental and economical perspective, but when things DO break/wear out, I don't see a problem with putting a better drivetrain in.

Things like overdrive transmissions I can understand putting in, or if you're actually going to use the off-road stuff, whatever you need to go off road, only what you need.

TBH the mall crawlers are what really bother me. Invest all kinda of money and time in these big off road accessories, make it get 8 mpg if you're lucky, and then continue to drive it as a DD, w/o hitting the trails. Frankly a Subaru Outback is overkill for that kind of driving, let alone a real truck. I'll go more places with my stock SJ (rocking the 225/75r15 white walls) than they will with their crawlers.
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Re: Rant

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Youre not alone i agree 100%. Like that termite offroad channle on youtube. They lost me when they put a chevy ls or 5.3 or whatever chev engine in it.

Vigilante on youtube stuffs ls in all their fsjs. I also saw another video of this shop that cut the entire c channle frame off.. and welded a TJ frame or JK frame to the boxed wagoneer frame section they kept. This way the entire frame was boxed.

Then they got rid of the leafs.. for coils. Then put an LS in it. Its litterally a wagoneer by name and body now lol.

But ill be honest there are a bazillion wagoneers out there still.. it isnt hard to find so i guess its ok. Its the Jeep cherokees or the t4ucks that are veey jard to find.. and i think should be less multilated.

I plan to keep my engine AMC.. if it dies.. ill rebuild it. But better.. they also sell built 360s and 401s on ebay but theure like 4000-9000$... way too pricey.

So if oush came to shove. Id put a magnum 360 in it. The same 360(5.9v8) in my 5.9 limited. ZJ. That engine puts out so much more power to the amc 360.. and its still in the chrysler/amc Jeep family.. my 5.9 limited flies too.. Anymore power and its almost too much tbh... Its basically 100hp more and 70 ft lbs of torque morr. Better mileage too
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