Forum Update Details (1/30/2015)

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Forum Update Details (1/30/2015)

Post by Stuka » Sat Jan 31, 2015 1:59 am

The forum has now been updated to the latest and greatest PHPBB software! This update contains over 1000 bug fixes, 1500 changes, and was five years in development.

A few that will stand out to users:

1: Fully mobile aware! The forum now works great on any smart phone or tablet. (Tapatalk is still available)
2: New notification system
3: Extension Support (This allows me to easily add more functionality)
4: OAuth Support so you can login with your Google+ or Facebook account (Will be enabled soon)
5: Gravitar Support!

Now you also most likely notice that it looks very different. This is because I have decided to go back to using a Style that is based on the original. This is to facilitate easier updates. With the old theme even small updates were a 2-3 hour job as I had to manually apply and modify the code. By using this theme, automatic updates will now work.

The forum is also fully mobile aware. The old one technically had the ability to, but I had it disabled because of many bugs associated with it. But now it truly works very well. But just as before, Tapatalk is fully supported.

With the addition of Extension Support, adding addition functionality will now be a very easy task to complete.

OAuth support is not yet enabled (I have to setup authentication with Facebook and Google to enable them), but once it is, you can then link a facebook or google account to your account here. But use those usernames and passwords to login if you like. That way you have one less username and password to remember :)

Gravitar is a third party avatar hosting site. So you can use the same avatar on numerous sites.
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