Gantry crane

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Gantry crane

Post by Xplitive » Mon Mar 11, 2019 9:13 am

Looking for input on an affordable gantry crane.
Have no experience with them and fairly sure it will fit my current needs. Looks like if my needs increase the biggest concern would be the limited width of the more affordable harbor freight and jegs models. ... 41188.html

Harbor Freight is the only one with enough reviews to kind of point out a broad range of quality issues. One of the main ones is the mechanism to raise and lower the height and the other being the overall quality.

As far as height, If I can set it and forget it, that’s what I would do.
As far as parts, the manufacturer doesn’t appear to have a system. Harbor freight is local but doesn’t seem to keep stuff in stock. Jegs is usually really good as far as support.
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Re: Gantry crane

Post by Runcible_Spoon » Mon Apr 22, 2019 7:12 pm

a little late ...but,i have one of these.i wouldn't use one in any commercial capacity...they are a tad on the flexible any gantry that's bolted together,and not welded.not weak,if used with common sense,and within its limits,but for occasional home use,for something like pulling an engine,they are okay.

ive had a cummins 6bt with trans and transfer case on mine,and it held up well.thats about 1500 ish pounds dry weight...

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