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Re: What Fuel Injection Conversion Kit To Get?

Posted: Thu Jun 06, 2019 2:08 pm
by babywag
acct21 wrote:
babywag wrote:
geminiroq wrote:Honestly the GM system is hard to beat.
From an emissions standpoint ability to control the vapor canister and egr(with mods) of Howell(GM) system
No aftermarket systems will do that.
You can get the Sniper to control the vapor canister purge and the vacuum to the EGR transducer -- but just on/off at a engine temp range. Not a sophisticated system (works pretty much like the OEM CTO switch), but it beats having the canister try and purge at startup. Just uses an off-the-shelf canister purge solenoid from mid-90s GM.
I didn't know that, but just turning them on/off is far less than GM system can do.
The GM systems have actual programming that compensate/change/etc. for the systems.
They can also be adjusted & tuned for them.