Exploring Oregon - Geology Tour

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Exploring Oregon - Geology Tour

Post by ghcoe » Sat Mar 30, 2019 12:36 pm

This is not my trip or a FSJ event, but I will be there in my FSJ. If you guys are interested in attending there are still slots available, 10 vehicle limit. Would be cool to have a big FSJ presents.

From the Overland Bound Site:

Central Oregon has some unique geological features with names like Crack in the Ground, Hole in the Ground, Ice Cave, Painted Hills as well as others. It has been several years since I have been to that area so it is time for another trip to The Great Sandy Desert.

Who - This trip is open to anyone (maximum ten rigs) that is interested in traveling around central Oregon and looking at the unique geology.

What - An overlanding trip with a fair amount of off-highway driving on dirt, gravel and sand. Pavement will show up under the tires as well.

Where - We will meet in Riley and finish at Dayville. The route is about 400 miles.

When - Memorial Day weekend May 23rd to 27th.

Weather - Am hoping for sunny sky’s although rain is possible too. The temperatures should be 60 to 75 daytime, and 30 to 45 at night.

Vehicle - Some lift suggested otherwise you may be dragging in spots. Minimum of all terrain tires with at least 50% tread remaining. It is possible that we will be on some narrow trails. Desert pin striping is possible.

OHV Permit Required - We will have the opportunity to drive around the the Christmas Valley Sand Dunes and through other OHV areas. A valid Off Highway Vehicle permit is required as well as a dune flag. The permit can be issued from Oregon, Idaho, or California. Please get one before arriving at Riley.

Required recovery gear - Air compressor or CO2 and front and rear recovery points. You will also need a shovel that meets USFS requirements (8” wide blade), easily accessible fire extinguisher, and a spill kit.

Nice to have - Traction boards, winch, snatch block, shackles, and jumper cables or jump pack.

Food and water - You are on your own here. Bring what you want to eat and drink as well as a way to prepare it. Also bring snacks to share around the evening campfire.

Healthy and Safety - You are responsible for your own welfare, health and safety both in and out of your vehicle. Remember to bring any medications that you take. Verify that your first aid kit easily accessible in your rig and that it is fully stocked.

Lodging - Sleep in your rig on the ground or in a tent, it is up to you.

Communications - You will need to have a CB (first line) and or a 2 meter radio (second line). Do not sign up if you do not have a working radio.

Fuel - We will be driving every day. Each vehicle will have to carry enough fuel to cover 250 miles off highway which is equal to about 500 miles of highway driving.

If interested there is more info and sign up over at the main thread. I believe you do need a account to see the thread. https://www.expeditionportal.com/forum/ ... ur.203323/

See you on the trails. George.
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