New FSJ owner- 1974 manual with 68k miles

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New FSJ owner- 1974 manual with 68k miles

Post by Kurtis570 »

I just joined this evening after finding your site through random google searches for parts. I just purchased a truly bone stock original 1974 cherokee with the 4.2 straight six, manual trans and four wheel drum. Truck has original paint, interior and amc hubcaps on it. It has just under 70k miles and the previous title to prove it. The truck needs some minor TLC from its original state and I'm trying to find a passenger side quarter and tailgate. The quarter seems easy but the tailgate not so much. I'll try and post a picture and would appreciate any advice.
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Re: New FSJ owner- 1974 manual with 68k miles

Post by Tatsadasayago »

Welcome to the FSJN Kurtis!
Nice find there.
Your somewhat in luck regarding the tailgate as they remained almost unchanged throughout the model's lifetime. The differences are mostly due to external trim/badging and interior sheetmetal for mounting window lift motors or manual crank assemblies. The Wagoneers and GWs typically had holes drilled into the sheetmetal for the trim and panels but are still fairly plentiful. The quarterpanel on the other hand is specific to narrow track cherokees unless your are referring to the lower section behind the wheel well...then any Wag/Gwag/NT Cherokee is a suitable donor. If you have pick n pull yards in NJ, you can go to their website and search their inventory by year make and model. It makes it nice to know which yards have FSJs in them before you leave the house.
Definitely show some photos. Some of us here consider it JeepPorn®
Again, welcome to the group!

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Re: New FSJ owner- 1974 manual with 68k miles

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Welcome to the forum!

I sent you a private message about your username.
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