MAFSJC 2017 Snowball Run Jan 28-29 Rausch Creek, PA

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MAFSJC 2017 Snowball Run Jan 28-29 Rausch Creek, PA

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The Mid Atlantic Full Size Jeep Club's annual Snowball Fun Run winter wheeling trip is coming up fast! January 28-29th at Rausch Creek Offroad Park in Tremont, PA.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Rausch Creek, they are one of the Mid-Atlantic area's premier offroad parks and offer all sorts of trails from mild to competition style rock courses. Camping is available on-site and for those who prefer the comfort of working heat and room service, there are local hotels.

For more information about the park, check out their website here:

Everyone is invited to come join us on our first trail ride of 2017. The Mid-Atlantic Full Size Jeep Club has no membership fees or requirements and welcomes everyone who owns a FSJ, regardless of whether it's a street queen, an offroad beast, or in 158 pieces across the garage and backyard.

If you prefer to keep your rig dry and clean, the best part about FSJ's is that most have back seats and most of our members would be happy to have you along for the ride. We hope to see you there!

PS! If you are a fan of social media, the MAFSJC operates a facebook group to help coordinate local FSJ fanatics like us. Feel free to drop on by and say hi!
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