20th anniversary "RE-Invasion"

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Re: 20th anniversary "RE-Invasion"

Post by Grand_Wag_85 » Tue Dec 14, 2021 4:30 pm


Just wanted to drop an update.

The Invasion will be July 15th at the KOA in Ouray. The new management is very approving of our event and have turned out to be helpful and just downright great folks to work with. If you are booking with the KOA for the event indicate that you are will the Full Size Jeep Invasion. We have arranged discounts on everything but lodging and booze at the KOA. Participants will receive a special wristband that will indicate you are to receive said discounts.

We are still working on the offical schedule but we will be having an official show and shine, shining not required. During which votes will be cast for various awards. Primary group photo taken while parked for the show. Afternoon and evening will have the raffle, pot-luck, awards ceremony and bon-fire.

Still working out the details but Saturday or Sunday hoping to arrange a group photo on US550 in Ouray like the Toyota guys do.

For insurance and other legal reasons there will be no official trail rides as part of the actual event. Many of us will be there all week and will be setting up for the event as well as disorganized and un-official trailrides just like we always do.

We are still working out the details on cost and how ticketing will be done. Unfortunately this will not be a free event, however you will get a lot for the cost. A T shirt, sticker, vehicle flag, pot-luck ticket, raffle ticket will be included. Tickets will be done per vehicle with separate tickets for spouses and kids etc. Since several of us will be bringing multiple Jeeps we will be offering a discount for multiple Jeeps.

We will be putting out a volunteer list so keep your eyes peeled.

Lastly, we are not aiming to profit in any way from this event. This event is aimed at getting as many FSJ's as possible and their owners together. ALL proceeds will be donated directly to Ouray Mountain Rescue.
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Re: 20th anniversary "RE-Invasion"

Post by fsj1978 » Thu Dec 30, 2021 9:34 pm

I'm in for a T-shirt or two even if I don't make the run. And unfortunately that will probably be the case since Herculies is still dangling in the air with no front feet and I have another project vehicle to get on the road before I get back to him.

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