Axle Swap Steering Issue

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Axle Swap Steering Issue

Post by RickG0256 » Mon Apr 24, 2017 5:46 pm

I swapped the front axle from my 1978 J10 parts truck into my 1972 J-4000 Gladiator. I also swapped in the power steering gear box. Everything lines up except the Pitman Arm. It's too long and causes the tie rod to jam into the steering linkage. I tried a drop Pitman Arm but because the tie rod end inserts through the bottom, it causes the same problem.

The major difference between the J-4000 & J10 axles are the leaf springs. The J-4000 were outboard of the frame rails on posts, the J10 are under the frame rails (like a CJ). Mounting the hangers and shackles under the rails has given me a 4" lift. This puts the steering linkage on a direct line with the Pitman arm when the wheels are straight jamming the tie rod into the linkage.

All feedback is appreciated!



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Re: Axle Swap Steering Issue

Post by Stuka » Mon Apr 24, 2017 7:27 pm

So, are you using the stock springs, just mounted under the frame?

The steering setup changed entirely in 74. The drag link does not go to the passenger side knuckle like it does on your 72. But rather it goes mid way from the tie rod up to the pitman arm. Are you using the newer drag link and tie rod?

Photos of the issue would be really handy.

Also, as I recall, the steering box on the 73 and older trucks is farther backwards than on 74 and newer trucks. As i recall the cross member is in a different place.
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