Edelbrock 2131 install advice

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Edelbrock 2131 install advice

Post by j10builder » Wed Mar 25, 2020 5:40 am

Installing a new manifold on a freshened up 360. Any advice on the questions/challenges below?
Best sealant? RTV on the two rubber gasket sections? There seems to be a lot of discussion about that amongst other forums.
Coppercoat or RTV on the valley pan?
Removing heat shield from old manifold and installing on new one.
Removing stubborn oil fill tube from old manifold.
What vacuum lines to keep and what to plug? Non-EGR with no smog control.

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Re: Edelbrock 2131 install advice

Post by Stuka » Wed Mar 25, 2020 6:40 am

  1. For the end pieces, this really varies. More detailed bit down below.
  2. For the valley pan, I have personally always used copper coat. Use a bead of RTV around the water jackets.
  3. I have always put the oil baffle onto the new intake (its not a heat shield really).
  4. I have been able to use a strap wrench before. But another time I just had to cut it flush, meaning it was shorter on the new intake.
  5. This varies greatly depending on the year and model of your FSJ
For the intake end pieces, there are mostly two schools of thought. Those that use RTV for the whole thing, and those that use the rubber pieces.

Personally, I have always used the rubber pieces, and never had one leak. BUT... prep is super important. Before they are put on, ALL oil has to be removed from the metal surfaces it touches. This includes oils from your fingers. Use enamel reducer or similar to wipe down the surfaces with a lint free cloth. ALSO wipe down the rubber pieces themselves, they will have residual residue from manufacturing on them. Once they are in place, then some black RTV (RTV intended for oil) can be used in the corners next to the heads. If done properly, the rubber pieces will actually kind of bond to the metal, and will never leak.

The other school of thought is to use RTV for the whole thing. Prep is also important here. And its important to not add too much, and also important to have enough to fill the gap.

As a side note, installing the intake is kind of a pain. I have found it much easier to have a second person handy to push down evenly on the intake while starting the bolts. With the valley pan the intake won't just sit down, it will want to pop up.
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Re: Edelbrock 2131 install advice

Post by rocklaurence » Wed Mar 25, 2020 2:16 pm

Hah! I have a solution for getting the oil fill tube out! Find a deep socket that just fits inside the top of the tube. Use a pipe wrench on the tube that is supported by the socket and twist it a little in each direction until it pulls out. With the tube out of the manifold, use a rod/pipe to push the socket out. You can also use the socket to clean up the the beat-up tube by using it as a dawl/dolly on the inside of the tube while you tap it with a hammer to take the dents out. Then use a soft blow hammer to tap it into the new manifold. If you dent-up the top during the install, use the socket again to support the inside. However, make sure you have enough of the socket sticking out to remove it from the top.

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Re: Edelbrock 2131 install advice

Post by letank » Wed Mar 25, 2020 2:41 pm

I cannot find the pict put SC/397 has many pict about the intake manifold, one of his point if you are using the rubber end gasket to shorter the rubber feet, or pegs to allow those feet to seat the gasket. IIRC it is even suggested on the instructions pamphlet to do a little triming

I used RTV front and back, a bit too much at some point, so it pays to set the intake dry, with no valley pan gasket or any gasket to gauge the thickness of RTV needed, you can put the rubber to see how the manifold sits as well


and may be not enough here, but it is tight and no leaks


and checking the back


Removing the hood helps tremendously to set the OEM intake, but you have the aluminum so it is a lot easier with a light weight intake

a better pict from http://theamcforum.com/forum/uploads/5418/DSC04204.JPG


the tutorial I was looking for

http://theamcforum.com/forum/intake-man ... page4.html

and from the mothership with the trimming piece, yes the pict are blurred, but it may work using chrome brower

http://www.ifsja.org/forums/vb/showthre ... 619&page=4
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Re: Edelbrock 2131 install advice

Post by j10builder » Wed Mar 25, 2020 6:50 pm

Thanks all! HUGE help. I'll be diving into this next week ...again. I do it right because I do it twice! More on that later. Might do a build thread so I have a place to put the pics. The project will be slowing up a good bit as I work (worked) in live events. On the up side I now have a ton of time to put into this project. On the down side the funding has just gone away. Lucky I've got enough parts to keep me busy for awhile, F#@%n virus.

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