Air cleaner control help.

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Air cleaner control help.

Post by Runcible_Spoon » Sun May 19, 2019 1:27 pm

So...iv'e been cobbling an air cleaner assembly by using parts from an 80 bronco (for the base and cover) and bits fron a 90 dakota (the hot air flapper).i would like to very much get rid of this crome "performance" air cleaner i have now...and get cool air to the intake when driving around.and warm when i start it in colder weather.

The hot air from the manifold heat pipe is controlled by a control that i need a vacuum source that switches off when the engine warms up and on when cold.i'm thinking of re-purposing a cto switch.the switch on the truck now,is a four port blue one...i dont have a part number.good idea or no?
I can test the vacuum,but i dont know which port is the vac supply for the switch...any help?

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Re: Air cleaner control help.

Post by acct21 » Sun May 19, 2019 7:46 pm

The factory used a 'thermostatic valve' in the air cleaner. Opinions vary as to how well it worked -- when it goes bad it can make all of your intake air come from the exhaust stack. Most people just disable it, so the intake can draw air from the core support.
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Re: Air cleaner control help.

Post by tgreese » Mon May 20, 2019 10:25 am

Whether the air cleaner has such a thermostatic valve or not depends on the model and equipment. 258 yes, V8 no as I recall.

To the OP - year, model, equipment? You should put that into your signature file so that it's displayed with every post.

Assuming you want to use junkyard parts, if you can find a CTO at the junkyard with two ports, that will be open when up to temperature and closed when cold. Three ports will switch from one port to the other as temperature rises. Four ports could be a few different configurations. The TSM (for whatever your year/model/equipment is - put it in your sig or in your message!) will show you what the ports on the CTO you have are.

Heck, I would just get an air cleaner from another Wagoneer (assuming you own a Wagoneer) and run that. Later ones have two air doors (one for the stove and one to seal in vapors from the float bowl) and cold air induction. This is all in the TSM if you look.
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