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Re: My first FSJ pickup - questions

Post by 1978J10REDWHITE » Fri May 27, 2022 2:54 pm

Welcome to the club as a 1979 Wagoneer Jeep owner myself.

My baptism by Fire was about what you're doing.
1.Every single rubber hose the truck has, Everything new! Even the ones under the dash-Replace them all.
2.If your brake lines fittings & rubber parts look even a little bit questionable BJ's has the Corners hose pieces to the wheel cycles, the other hard longer ones on the frame, Get a couple boxes of "NiCopp" material, Its better rust resistant and easier to work with, and a quality bender & end fitting and have at it make your own pieces.
3. At the rigs "age" , I recommend all wheel cyl's NEW and master reservoir too.
BJ's has all the leaf spring Polyurethane bushings. just measure yours to verify sizes.
I'm doing a full shotgun leafs/bushing this weekend!
4. If radiator has crust in it, replace it, flushing helps yet never is really enough, Time on Alum and acidic antifreeze exposure for 45 years now don't skimp on this piece! I would replace it anyway..
5. There is a certain proper oil for your QT/TC, Can't recall so look or ask others what's best to use in the case.
6. Remove clean all battery cables connection. I went to 'battery calbes USA'. website and bought all items and created my own used heavier cable I used 2/0AWG.New end pieces, post boots, heat shrink everything! Add pigtails to the post side too..
7. I just did all 5 my U-joints (factor the Cardan u-joint) (PN 5-153X, Use only Spicer brand ) , again 45 year old rig, just do it. It's not that expensive. I Will do the F-axle knuckle u-joint likely next weekend. BTW, if/when you do that, remove the drive shaft side u-joint first step in the procedure..
Also PB-Blaster spray is very good to use to soak all bolt/nuts/mount points under the part you will work on. a day or so before you rip into things.
Enjoy the experience and stay dirty...

Once you do these essentials of these heavy beasts then you will have a good one enjoyable rig to reliably drive.

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Re: My first FSJ pickup - questions

Post by Country Jeep » Fri Jul 01, 2022 8:30 pm

Gas filler and vent tubes replaced
Cab floor pan sheet metal installed

Ready to replace the radiator next. I was intending to get the one off BJ’s Offroad, but saw a YTer who said their eBay radiator ended up working out just fine, with good welds and performance. If I can save some money and not take a major risk, I’d ideally like to do that. Can anyone here vouch for the eBay rads? Don’t want to go off just one person’s experience if I can help it.

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