83 Cherokee Full Weatherstip Kits

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83 Cherokee Full Weatherstip Kits

Post by Laredo Matt » Wed Oct 13, 2021 2:41 pm

I've searched the forums and there was a lot of discussion of different elements of weatherstripping and mention of some folks popping for a full kit from either BJs or Team Grand Wagoneer (TGW) but no real feedback on fitment of the full kits.

I want to replace all the weather stripping, minus the roof rack as that has been removed and mounting holes welded close, as i get ready to build the jeep back up. I know the kits are reproduction but hoping at least one, if not both, are really close reproductions to OE wrt fit.

I've looked at both TGW and BJs sites. Prices vary but then so do what is included. I'm looking for feedback on fitment, preciseness of reproduction etc. I'm also going to get a full set of wipes.

I've order quite a bit from BJs in the past. I have no experience with TGW. My only goal

Any thoughts/feedback appreciated....and of course neither have the seals for the rear quarter glass with vent windows so I'm hoping the originals are good. I tried to take caution and pop them out together with the glass when I removed them but its been 10 months so won't know till I can get to them and see.
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Re: 83 Cherokee Full Weatherstip Kits

Post by rocklaurence » Thu Oct 14, 2021 6:49 am

TGW has a horrible reputation and its been voiced on the forums.

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