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Postby weeegoneeer » Wed Jan 31, 2018 9:40 pm

Hey everybody!

Modified/reposted this from the other site because I think it's important and I've learned SO MUCH from both sites. And Facebook is a horrible way to archive this knowledge.

Also, sorry if this belongs in a different forum section, but it would be great if everyone posted their go-to vendors for specific stuff, outside of the BJ's / TGW / Bulltear spots we all know about. Bonus points for naming the part they helped you get.

It's easy to make a post when we have a bad experience with a vendor, and I guess it balances out the bad time you had with them. But posting awesome experiences with great vendors for weird stuff I think will help everyone more, and help these vendors stay in business.

Inspiration for this thread
I know it's come up a few times on different harness / wiring threads I've read, particularly around bulkhead & and fuse block connectors - what are the connectors called and where do you get them?!?!

When I did my engine harness, I did a bunch of searching to find out they're Packard 56 terminals, and then went to NAPA / AZ / Oreilly's and they didn't know what I was talking about. Wound up finding an old school shop here in Portland who had half a box he sold me a few out of for $3 a terminal, which was worth it at that minute.

So, I'll kick it off:

Had an absolutely delightful experience with these guys - they have PakCon, Fuse Terminals, Packard connectors. Ordered on Sunday, was in the mail Monday morning, I got it Wednesday.
Repair Connector:

Original Auto:
Tons of the original corduroy seat insert fabric, got a bunch of yards for a reasonable price, talked to the guy on the phone, super helpful and emailed me swatch photos to choose from:

Oregon Leather:
After looking at hundreds of swatch samples to match the nutmeg color, the closest I got was these guys, went down there, he came out to my truck, thought about it for a day and called me back. The result is I have the closest match to Nutmeg leather I can find. Different finish, more supple and different (better IMO) grain. In case you're wondering, the hide is called Doral Oak Tan.

Who are your guys for stuff?
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Postby az chip » Sun Feb 04, 2018 1:01 am

Original Auto is out of business. He retired. Went to a new company.
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Postby weeegoneeer » Wed Feb 07, 2018 7:58 pm

I'm sorry to hear that, just worked with him in the summer!

Looks like SMS out of Canby, Oregon is taking over the biz (not the other SMS that's often confused for them). Hope they carry the torch of good service. I was super impressed that the guy I worked with - Kevin - had YARDS of the supposedly rare corduroy seat insert fabric and he sold it at a fair price.
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