cabinet VS portable sand blaster opinion wanted

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cabinet VS portable sand blaster opinion wanted

Postby Tripwire » Wed Oct 03, 2018 3:57 pm

Portable VS cabinet sandblaster opinion needed

I am giving the small desktop cabinet blaster on harbor freight the eye- but it eats up way too much real estate for something i might only use a few times a year ( small stuff like valve covers, timing covers small parts

Any thoughts on the small portable ones? - seems like you would loose all your blast material pretty quickly ???? or do you blast into a garbage can or something? what about face/lung protection? thinking of this

whats a good general purpose medium? i heard soda cant be re-used?


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Re: cabinet VS portable sand blaster opinion wanted

Postby 243 » Wed Oct 03, 2018 6:55 pm

I have a pressure pot that i have not used in years, when it worked it worked well, I modified it to use a pistol grip in lieu of the deadman and to provide around 20 psi of air in the tank that allowed me turn down the air supply to ~60 psi minimizing clogs and keeping the sand flowing. I mostly use play sand that I run through a window screens to separate the aggregate.

The modifications are readily available on the 'net, but it still overworks my 60gl compressor.

And I hate dry blasting, no matter I wear I am still digging sand out my eyes, nose, ears and crack.

Since I have a pressure washer, a few years ago I bought a pressure blaster attachment from Northern Tool, I like it much better and blasted my frame and axles and it worked well, photos are in my build thread.

We used to have a supplier of graded blasting sand for 6.00/50lb bag but they closed down, I would rather pay double for graded sand than dry it out on the concrete and run it through a screen.
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