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Sales Area Posting Rules

Postby Stuka » Thu Oct 04, 2012 6:02 pm

FSJ Network Sales Area Posting Rules

This forum is intended for use by active members attempting to sell items they own only. If you do not have the minimum 5 legitimate posts required in order to be considered an active member, you will not be allowed to post items for sale.

• When posting an item for sale, please make sure to list your location and a price.

• If the item you are selling is available for pick up only, please indicate as much as well as your location in the title.

• It is highly recommended that you post a current photograph of the item you are selling. This will help interested parties to see what kind of condition it's in and help increase your odds of getting it sold.

• NO SOLICITING ALLOWED. This For Sale forum is intended for non-commercial member use only.

• DO NOT post sales for Firearms or any other form of weapon. Period.

• Please post inquiries regarding items that you are looking for in the Wanted forum.

• DO NOT repost or double-post your items for sale. Double posts will be deleted.

• DO NOT hi-jack and solicit items you have for sale on threads started by other members.

• While bumping your posts back up to the top is allowed, please limit your efforts to only once a day.

• When an item has been sold, please indicate so in the original thread. This will alert other members that the item is no longer available.

• Please DO NOT ask for a thread you created in the For Sale forum to be deleted. We do not delete these threads as they are transaction records and can assist both buyers and sellers in the event things do not work out as planned.

• DO NOT link or direct members to eBay or any other website for the sale of your item.
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Re: Sales Area Posting Rules

Postby fedexmonster2004 » Wed Sep 30, 2015 6:47 pm

1983 jeep Cherokee last year of the fsj, I'm looking for a rear passenger outer window trim piece and interior armrest in orange on the passenger sideImageImage

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