1983 Wagoneer Limited in Huntington MA

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1983 Wagoneer Limited in Huntington MA

Postby Kaiserman » Sat Aug 04, 2018 5:17 pm

Selling my 83. Just don't have the time for it. Here's the Craigslist link. Price is negotiable, especially for FSJN/IFSJA members.


1971 J2500 Gladiator Custom-Cab Platform Stake on 126" wb. B350/T18A/D20 D60/D60-3 w/locker 4.10's Ramsey 8klb PTO winch, Day-brook dump. 235/85R16's
1969 J3800 Gladiator 3407Z Camper Truck. B350/T18A/D20 D44/D60-3 w/4.10's
1968 J3800 Gladiator 3406Z Custom Cab 160" wheel base dually. 24K miles. B350/T18A/D20 D44HD/D70 posi w/4.88's 7/50-16's
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Re: 1983 Wagoneer Limited in Huntington MA

Postby Phils67 » Mon Aug 06, 2018 4:07 am

What kind of tools are you looking for Thom? I have an obnoxious amount of snap on
1967 Gladiator J2000/ 4.0MPI/T18/Twin sticked D20/ locked 44/welded 53/4.27s/4" Hell Creek,35s, pending J20 axles with Detroits and 3.73s/ pending lift kit downsizing and late model spring-under-frame front

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