Found a J20 at my local pull a part

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Found a J20 at my local pull a part

Postby 1979bettywhite » Mon Oct 15, 2018 7:37 am

Hey guys -

Found a 78 J20 at my local pull-a-part. Went out there this past Saturday to see what was left on it. Has a few bits and pieces on it, but some stuff has been farmed out. The body is in rough shape so I don't know that any panels are really salvageable without a bunch of body work. But there are some things left worth saving.

I pulled off the steering box, lines and pump, as well as the flex fan and clutch as a spare for my FSJ. Plan to use the steering components to convert my CJ over to power steering.

I can head back out there to pick some other items if anyone has interest.

Items I had planned to go back and pick are as follows:

-Heater box - looks to be in good shape and intact (no holes etc.)
-Under-dash A/C box. Looks to be dealer installed, no AMC or Jeep logos on it. But seems to be in good shape (black color)
-Debating the axles. 3.73 ratio on the band, D60 rear, D44 up front. No idea the condition. For some reason the truck is still sitting on all four wheels
instead of in the air perched on old steel rims. Would have to get them to come set it off the ground to get to the axles.
-Tie Rod and Drag Link? Although it may not even be worth the time or money for anyone here.

Honestly, there is not much else on it worth saving at this point. Most of the trim, grill, column, intake, PS bracket etc. has been pulled off.

Feel free to ask about parts, but sadly most of it has been picked over. Felt lucky to get the J20 steering box, although I may need to rebuild it.

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