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Re: safari snorkel

Postby jsinajeep » Wed Nov 27, 2013 6:44 pm

Southern Gorilla wrote:
Blake wrote:
fulsizjeep wrote:I would carry a pair of dive fins with me in the jeep before messing around with a snorkel but that is just me.


I simply don't see the point. If you are really going to go through water that deep, then build a bigger truck :fsj:

It doesn't have to be deep water to cause problems. I hit puddles all the time in the Peterbilt at work and have water splash all over the windshield. The bottom of the windshield is over six feet off the ground and it gets flooded by an ordinary puddle. With as much flooding as we get around here I'm definitely running my intake as high as I can.

Well if it get up to the windshield on the big truck you would look good with a 10' snorkel on your jeep :D

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Re: safari snorkel

Postby Southern Gorilla » Thu Nov 28, 2013 7:08 am

jsinajeep wrote:Well if it get up to the windshield on the big truck you would look good with a 10' snorkel on your jeep :D

Hah! That would be a sight.
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Re: safari snorkel

Postby geofro84 » Sun Feb 02, 2014 2:26 am

i'm all for snorkels I've had them on all my landcruisers an I want to put 1 on my j truck if I can not so much for water crossings but for dust you don't need to clean your airfilter as often

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Re: safari snorkel

Postby jamesdart » Sun Feb 02, 2014 7:32 am

I think its a regional thing. here in nj, there is only really one area of the state that has rocks, and you aren't supposed to be wheeling there. the rest is pretty flat with some hills, some deep holes, sand, and mud. your really don't need a rock crawler setup. you don't need a huge truck to get everywhere. but there are a lot of holes that you either need 44s to keep everything dry, or a small practical lift with 33s or 35s and snorkel. ive seen 37s disappear in these water crossings. ive been in some holes where the waterline on the body is higher than my tires. as long as you don't get stuck, the water doesn't really come inside the cabin. you never know how deep they are or what the bottom looks like, you can be rolling through it all fine and hit a rut and dip down real quick and hydrolock it. it might sound crazy but that's half the fun. when we have a dry spell and these holes dry up, its pretty booring.
I definitely want to build a snorkel liek the river raider jk setup for mine. Ive had the air filter get wet through the air intake hose, and have some sputtering issues but never a problem from a wet distributor. I got stuck in one of these holes a couple weeks ago where the waterline on the body was higher than the tires. everything was floating inside. truck stayed running and no water got into my fluids.
technically speaking, in nj you aren't allowed to build huge trucks anymore.
if you follow the rules, tire size is limited by gvw. there is no gvw that allows big tires. I think 38s are the max, and that's for a 1 ton truck. if you are a play by the rules kind of guy.

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Re: safari snorkel

Postby jeepman6 » Thu Oct 16, 2014 4:21 pm

When I visited Australia there were a lot of "utes" with snorkels. All had a clear plastic oil bath air cleaner on the top. Most of the outback is dirt roads.

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Re: safari snorkel

Postby surfwagoneer » Thu Oct 16, 2014 5:16 pm

would love to see a FSJ snorkel like this!
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Re: safari snorkel

Postby ghcoe » Sun Nov 06, 2016 9:31 am

ghcoe wrote:A long time ago, '80's, I remember reading about traveling through deep water. The article, if I remember correctly, even sported a Jeep pickup with a cab over camper. It talked about how to approach crossing deep water. The idea was to hit the water at a nice slow speed, in low range if available, about 4-6 mph. When the vehicle starts into the deep water it will begin to make a wake in front of it. You maintain your speed with the same speed as the wake you are generating. This will keep the engine bay fairly free of water and you can push through pretty deep water. The pictures were pretty amazing. This guy traveled a lot in swampy areas and new how to do it well.

Many years later, when I first got my Cherokee I was hunting with some friends. One friend was traveling with me and the other two were in a new Toyota Tacoma. We came upon a bridge we did not like the looks of so we decided to ford the river. We had crossed a similar river many times before and the water got just to the tops of the wheels and this looked no worse so we decided to go for it. Just by chance I decided to lock into low range and started across. Well I got about 5 feet in when the front of the Jeep dropped into a hole and water started to climb up the hood. I knew then that if I stopped I would be sunk (no pun intended). By time I would have stopped and got into reverse the engine bay would have swamped. That article flashed into mind and I just keep going. My friend was yelling, "This is deeper than Three Forks!" It was surreal, I was slowly moving forward and I had a small wake in front of me. I was looking out the side window and I was nearly looking at the surface of the water at eye level. I kept thinking the engine was going to stall at any moment and then I felt the jeep start to become buoyant. I got to thinking OH **** if I loose traction now I am in deep trouble because there was a deep hole not too much farther down river. We managed to keep enough traction to make it to the other side. When we pulled up onto the bank the CB crackled to life and my other two friends said "That was ******* cool! But we are not going to try it." Steam was blowing off the engine and exhaust so much I could hardly see around the truck. We got out and saw the water line was half way up the spare tire on the carrier which is as high as the decal on the sides. I have a picture, someday I'll have to scan it and post it. I posted a picture of the tire on the carrier so you can get a idea of just how deep the water was. Of course you would also have to realize that the suspension was also reaching maximum droop too.

Finally found that picture.


This year I was on a trip into the deep desert. We had to make a river crossing to be able to continue. This rig was running 37 inch tires and a lift

This rig is running 35 inch tires and a lift. ...

No exterior shots, but I am still running stock tires and no lift at the same crossing. The person in the first video said the water was above my headlights. A bit longer video so enjoy.
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Re: safari snorkel

Postby Pablo » Mon Feb 13, 2017 5:27 pm

I thought about a snorkel for limiting dirt ingestion, but they really still let plenty of dirt in. Less, but still alot. Instead I am going with a Donaldson offroad air filter that plumbs into the exhaust: large dirt particles will get sucked away from the intake.

The amount of waterproofing needed to justify a snorkel makes it a nonstarter for me. If the water is up to the intake on a lifted vehicle, then I am not crossing. I prefer to keep the wheels down and the engine in one piece.

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Re: safari snorkel

Postby Texasj10 » Mon Dec 25, 2017 9:53 pm

I know this is an old thread, but the m715 fording kit might also be an option if deep water is a possibility Different engine but that shouldn't matter. The kit had a snorkel, exhaust modification and valve that allowed pressurization of the crankcase and possibly even the axles to keep water out.

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