1962 j-200 Thriftside Father & Son 4.0 AW4 D300 Project

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1962 j-200 Thriftside Father & Son 4.0 AW4 D300 Project

Postby 66stepside » Fri Aug 10, 2018 6:16 pm

We finally had a shop install a new 3 piece muffler system- so out came my cobbled unit with a zillion pieces.

The shop owner wanted to put a chrome tip on it, which I didn’t want to do as it doesn’t fit the patina, but then he said his buddy who had a j3000 with the Buick 350 always ran chrome tips and this truck was the only other Jeep truck he has ever seen and his buddy passed away 6 months ago and that truck went to Alaska so the man’s son could keep it going- so I went ahead and had the chrome tip put on, but he didn’t charge me anything for it. I guess it was his way of honoring his best friend.


It has grown on me.

It hit 104 today in Spokane and the truck did just fine tooling around in the oppressive heat.

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